The Science of Virtual Reality: How does it work?

If you were to ask someone with no interest in technology what virtual reality videos are, they would most likely have no idea. Some people are still trying to wrap their head around how a satellite delivers color video to your computer and TV screen. Believe it or not, virtual reality (VR) is easier to understand than you may think. We offer the lowdown below.

What is Virtual Reality?

Firstly, before we talk about how VR works and how we get virtual reality videos, it’s a good idea to understand what virtual reality is. VR is a 3D image or place you can view with a device such as a VR viewer or a helmet. Because you cannot see the world around you, you can become immersed in this new environment, making you feel like you are somewhere else.

For example, you can now take a “tour” around the Eiffel Tower, feeling like you are there. While there are not all that many virtual reality videos for free online yet, it’s only a matter of time before the market grows and the demand increases with it.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

When you watch a virtual reality video for the first time, it will blow you away. It’s so real that you can almost smell and taste what you see on the screen. Virtual reality videos can have that effect. However, the technology is only using what your brain and body already have.

The first step to putting you in a new sense of reality is by placing a screen in front of your eyes that cut you off from your actual reality. There are two lenses with autofocus components in the screen which move according to your eye position. Rendering for the visual elements comes courtesy of your phone screen or PC connected via an HDMI cable.

The effectiveness of the VR is down to the specifications of the virtual reality videos viewer. It should have a field-of-view of at least 100 degrees but preferably more, and a minimum of 60 frames per second as well. If there is too much latency, such as too much time between each action, you are not able to trick your brain into thinking it’s your new reality.

Where Can I Watch Virtual Reality Videos?

The market for virtual reality videos is growing by the day, but it’s still not as big as it’s going to get. When you buy a VR viewer, such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, or GearVR, you can then figure out what you want to watch. The hardest part is then to find it! At the moment, the largest and most convenient platform is YouTube.

Virtual Reality Videos and VR technology are becoming more commonplace by the day. If you are interested in changing your reality – if only for a while – then it might be time to purchase a viewing headset and give it a go for yourself!

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