20 Of The MOST Popular Breeds Of Dogs

the most popular dog breeds

With more than 200 recognised breeds of dog, it’s hard to say which is the most popular. The answer would really depend on where you’re looking for dogs. For example, if you’re interested in a guard dog for your home then Anatolian Shepherd would make an excellent choice; but if you wanted to buy a pet for your child, then maybe a Bichon Frise is what you should consider. In any case, this article from Animal Facts lists the Top 10 most popular breeds of dogs, so let’s take a look at them!

  1. Labrador Retriever – This extremely popular breed can do it all: hunting (especially waterfowl), tracking game and recovering wounded animals and lost individuals. They are also excellent family dogs (they get along well with children) and good guard dogs if you don’t mind having a few wrinkles in your carpet!
  2. Golden Retriever – This breed combines the best features of a retriever and an owner-friend dog. They love to swim, so if you intend to have one swimming around your pool or lake, then he/she probably prefers being called a “waterdog”. Although they are good guard dogs (they have been known to growl at intruders), this breed is not suitable for homes that have small children.
  3. Australian Shepherd – This is a very popular breed amongst “couch potatoes” (people who like to cuddle up with their pet and watch television or read) because of its intelligence, loyalty and even-temperedness. They are also good with children and do well in apartment settings.
  4. Beagle – These dogs are adorable: they smell game without even leaving the ground, they’re fast, and they love games like fetch. As pets, they are good family dogs (they get along well with children), but can be a little hyperactive; they do not make good guard dogs.
  5. Boxer – While they are good guard dogs (they have been known to growl at intruders), this breed is not suitable for homes where there are small children because they tend to nip or give ear-pulls.
  6. German Shepherd – This breed is as loyal as they come, but can be ferocious if threatened. They are very good guard dogs, so if you don’t mind having a few wrinkles in your carpet then consider this breed; but if you want a standard type that will nuzzle in your lap while you read the paper, then this would be a poor choice. This breed tends to be rather large.
  7. Scottish Terrier – They are more active than some other breeds, but very intelligent. This breed is a good choice for someone who wants a dog that can be trained to perform tricks (they can fetch, swim, locate things and play dead).
  8. Chihuahua – This is the smallest breed of dog that comes in the Top 10 most popular breeds. Chihuahuas have been known to be good with children, but they do not make good guard dogs because they tend not to bark (which is generally how most dogs deter thieves). They usually don’t have dental problems
  9. Rottweiler – These are large dogs that are often used as guard dogs or police or search-and-rescue dogs. They do tend to have a mild temperament, and can be trained to perform tricks.
  10. Dachshund – This is the only breed of dog in the Top 10 most popular breeds that has a reputation for being “mean” (because they can sometimes nip or bite). However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid the breed, especially if you have a keen sense of adventure!
  11. Border Terrier and Miniature Pinscher – These breeds are good for families (they get along well with children), but are good guard dogs as long as they are trained well.
  12. Yorkshire Terrier – This small breed is good for families, but can be nippy at times. As a guard dog, they do not bark a lot and rely more on their intimidating reputation.
  13. Sheltie – This breed is small yet very energetic, so it will require a large yard to have the energy to play in it. They make excellent family pets (they get along well with children).
  14. Pomeranian – This breed is very popular amongst pet owners, but not so much amongst guard dog owners. They are good with children, and make an excellent watch dog (they can let you know when someone approaches your home).
  15. Standard Schnauzer – These dogs are both affectionate and trainable, two features that make them excellent pets. As guard dogs, they are not as aggressive as some other breeds of dogs, so they only bark at strangers and do not bite.
  16. Miniature Schnauzer – This is a smaller version of the Standard Schnauzer. They are good pets, and they are also good guard dogs.
  17. Bearded Collie – Many fans of the breed will tell you that they shouldn’t be bred with other collies because their temperament is rather special (and this makes them a poor choice if you are looking for a guard dog that does not bark). This breed tends to be very affectionate, which is great if you like cuddling with your pet. They do not make good guard dogs because they tend not to bark when strangers approach your home.
  18. Miniature Poodle – This breed has been known to herd sheep, but it can also be trained to do many tricks (it can fetch, play dead, beg and roll over). They have become popular amongst pet owners, and are not known to be aggressive.
  19. Irish Setter – This breed is very energetic, so knows that they need to keep moving in order to prevent themselves from becoming bored. Therefore, they need a yard or space of land where they can roam freely. They do tend to bark at anyone who comes near your home; however, when trained properly, they can be great guard dogs.
  20. Scottish Deerhound – This large dog has been known to herd deer! They are gentle among people but will bark at strangers sometime if left untrained.

Visiting a dog shelter can be a rewarding experience. Many people find that it is very beneficial to see the adult dogs before they choose one to bring home. This way, you can get an idea of whether the dog’s temperament fits your family and lifestyle. However, this can also be the case if you adopt a puppy.

Dog Age

There are benefits and drawbacks to both young and older dogs. Younger dogs are less expensive to look after than older ones, especially if you have a first-time pet owner in mind. However, younger puppies need more training and attention at home than older dogs, who will be already accustomed to life by themselves. Older dogs can be calmer in some cases too, as they know what it is like living alone and how they should act around their owners.

The Dog’s Personality

As with any dog, your choice of breed will most certainly have an impact on its personality and temperament. You will have read about many popular breeds online and may have been tempted by a particular one already. However, you need to think about your personality too. For instance, are you happy to have loud dogs? If so, then a Pekingese could be a good choice. Are you tied to your home? If so, an English Bulldog would be more suitable. Are you outgoing? Then maybe a Collie might be the thing for you. You also need to consider the size of the dog and any living arrangement changes you want to make with a new pet.

Researching popular breeds will give you ideas about what type of breed will best fit into your life. You will benefit a great deal from this research, but it is important to remember that everyone has their own opinion and you could always be pleasantly surprised when the puppy you choose grows up.

While most dogs (even in the Top 20 most popular breeds) can be trained to do tricks, there are some (like the Scottish Terrier) that were bred specifically to perform them. Having said that, each dog is an individual and will have its own preferences (one minute they may be loving your attention, the next they might want to be left in peace). If your new dog doesn’t enjoy playing fetch or other games then don’t keep trying; find out what it is that makes him/her tick and then you’ll all have more fun.

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