Best Toys For Pets

safe toys for pets

There are many toys that are specifically made for pets. These toys usually allow your pet to play fetch, hunt or just have a little fun. However, not all of these types of toys are safe for your pets as some can pose a choking hazard or cause an intestinal blockage.

So what type of toy will be best for you pet? Well, it will depend on what sorts of things they like to do when they play with their toys and how big the pet is – if you have a small breed dog then they might enjoy a squeaky ball more than heavy chew toy, while larger breeds may enjoy the heavier chew toy more than they do the ball since their teeth might not be strong enough to tear through the fabric.

When shopping for a toy, there are also other things to look at besides what the toy is made out of. The safety of the toy and how much it will keep your pet entertained should be your main concern. If you have a small breed dog then a ball – with a core stuffed full of real rabbit hair – is best, while larger breeds can enjoy chasing a tennis ball. Also, if they are chewers make sure to check out the safety ratings to ensure they aren’t going to get any loose steel in their mouth from the side of their toys. Most toys these days are made with plastic as well as stuffing instead of fabric which is safer for your pet.

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If you have a pet that is adventurous, then a Frisbee with bells glued on the edges would certainly get your pet’s attention. However, if your pet isn’t very active and doesn’t like to jump then this type of toy may not be right for them. Also, tennis balls are a pretty common toy for dogs to enjoy playing fetch with their owners. It is important to know that these types of toys can be dangerous for your pets especially if they break open or if they accidentally chew through the ball.

So what are the best types of toys for pets?

  1. Cuddly Dog Toys. These soft toys are made for dogs to play with and since they have no hard pieces inside of them, you can feel safe knowing your pet won’t choke on any parts of stuffed animals. Plus, the cuddly dog toys come in a variety of sizes as well as shapes that allow your pet to either use their teeth and tear into it or just carry around while playing with it. There are other things you can do when buying a cuddly dog toy, aside from choosing the right material; color is an important factor as well. If you have a puppy that is just learning the ropes – when it comes to playing with toys – then a light colored toy would be the best choice. The light colors of the toys will allow your pet to easily spot and pick up the toy on accident. However, if you have an older dog who knows what they are doing, then a dark colored toy may be a better option as it will cover up the dirt and grime while your pet plays with it.
  2. Rubber Dog Chew Toys. Rubber is a great material for dog chew toys since it won’t break down like fabric does and it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can cause issues with your pet. However, if you wave to play with your dog then rubber may not be the best material as this type of material can hurt when biting into it. Also, rubber does have a smell to it and some dogs tend not to like that traditional rubber smell.
  3. Rope Dog Toys. These types of toys are great for playing games with your pet as they provide hours of fun and entertainment. The rope toy allows your pets to play tug a war with you or another pet in the house. Plus, the rope doesn’t have any hard pieces inside it which makes for very safe chewing.
  4. Balls for Dogs. These are a great option when choosing toys since they are lightweight and are great for playing fetch or catch with your dog. The best kind of ball to choose would be the ones that come with no stuffing as they won’t cause a blockage if chewed apart. Another important fact is to make sure you have the right size ball when purchasing one for your dog; a tennis ball is best since it will bounce around more than other types of balls allowing your dog to get more use out of it.

So what are some unsafe toys for pets?

Since your pet will be chewing on these toys, it is important to make sure you are purchasing the right ones for them. Not all toys are safe for your pet to play with. So how can you tell what the unsafe toys are? Well, any toys that have squeakers or stuffing inside of them can cause an intestinal blockage if ingested so it is best to avoid these types of things altogether. Some toys may also be choking hazards if they contain strings or small parts that can get lodged in your pet’s throat. Also, one type of toy that is not safe for pets is ropes; the rough rope may cause severe irritation and even an intestinal blockage. So what are some toys that can be a bit risky?

  1. Hard Balls. This piece of equipment will likely get your pet’s attention but not in the best way. While hard balls are great for pets to play with, they may cause a blockage if your pet tries to chew down on them. As for soft toys, you know they won’t be able to swallow these at all as it can break their teeth if they do bite down on them.
  2. Chew Toys That May Be Unsafe For Pets To Eat. This is not a toy that you would want to give to your pet since it is an edible item. While the texture of the toy may be great for your pet’s teeth, the flavor could cause problems with your pet’s stomach. Remember, don’t let your dog stick its tongue out when chewing on any type of chew toy out there. Instead, make sure it chews up the item by tearing and devouring it before swallowing.

Another thing to note is that if you purchase a string or rope type chew toy for your dog; make sure you remove any loose end or pieces from the toy because they can cause choking issues. Also, be sure to watch your dog when he or she plays as some toys can become a bit dangerous if they are chewed apart or swallowed.

Now, you may wonder why it’s important to read these kinds of things? The truth is that most dogs are quite good chewers and do enjoy playing with their toys. However, it is best to watch for signs of problems with the toy such as your dog snatching at his or her mouth which could mean that the toy has a hard piece in it which could cause a blockage. Make sure you check out your pet’s toy box and make sure they don’t have many of these types of toys in them as well. In a nutshell, you know your pet best and so it’s better to give them toys that they can chew on safely instead of risking something going wrong with it.

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