When Will the Earth’s Polarity Switch?

The issue of the earth’s polarity switch has raised a new discussion. There are claims that there is a likelihood of the earth’s polarity flipping happening in our lifetime.

For the past83 million years, 183 switchings have occurred. The last switching happened 780,000b years ago and was named Brunhes-matuyama reversal. According to the available report, the switching may have lasted for over 1000 years.

Geophysicists claim that soon, there will be a switching of the earth’s polarity. When this happens, the South Pole will become the North Pole and the North Pole will become the South Pole.

This report is not an indication that this will be happening in a few years time. This is a geological timescale which could be a thousand years to come.

Every year, there is a minimal drifting of the magnetic north pole that amounts to 10 miles. Though this movement is minimal, it is an indication that a major earth’s polarity switch is oncoming.

The depletion of the magnetic field by 5% is also an indication that a switching is about to happen. When this move happens, the magnetic field fades out and reappears in a reversed state.

When the earth’s polarity switch happens, the animals that rely on the magnetic field in navigating will be confused. There will be an increased exposure to the sun’s radiation which will lead to immense harm.

There is, however no fear of death as none has been recorded since the earth’s polar switch began happening.

When you hear the scientists claim that the earth’s polar switch will be happening soon, it will take time. You, therefore, have no reason to fear as it will not be happening in our lifetime.

If you live in the low latitude areas, the switching may take place sooner than in high attitude. This is according to a research carried out by geologists.