The Science of the Movie Interstellar

Movie Interstellar is a science fiction thriller that involves unusual occurrences. Among them is escape from the earth due to change in climate.

You will also come across wormholes and time dilation. Though there are various scientific concepts that have some degree of truth, the big question is if any of these is possible in real life.

The Wormholes Theory

The plot in Interstellar revolves around a wormhole, which refers to a tunnel that alters space-time. This will allow energy & information to travel freely. Omniscient 5th-dimensional beings create a portal near Saturn and this is where the main plot is.

Theoretically, it is possible that there could be a wormhole but it is yet to be discovered. The walls surrounding the wormhole are also unstable and can easily collapse on you. This means you cannot probably travel through a wormhole in real life.

The existence of a wormhole that is similar to that in the Interstellar movie can only be supernatural. Based on the physics theory, however, it is possible to have such wormholes.

The Verdict: Wormholes are just a science fiction.

Existence of TARS or CASE-Like Robots

The programming of a powerful and vocal robot would demand the coming together of multiple companies. It would take decades to come up with such a technologically advanced robot.

The Verdict: there is a need to advance the artificial intelligence to get to such levels. If such robots can exist, the design in the movie Interstellar would not be ideal.

The Gravity Equation and Mass Exodus from the Earth

There exists some form of gravity equation in real life. This cannot, however, equal to what is described in the movie.

The Verdict: The existing gravity equation is not possible to facilitate exodus from the earth.

Most of the scenes in the movie Interstellar are mere scientific fictions but they make the movie an interesting watch.