Common Mistakes Most Explainer Videos Make

Explainer videos play a critical part in many organizations’ web marketing approaches. Creating a captivating video involves a multi-step process that includes a team of artists each playing a different role in each stage. The producers and scriptwriters play an important role to synthesize your sales message or ideas into a one hundred and fifty words script that will send your message across clearly and straight to the point. Discussed below, are numerous blunders that can be made by explainer video makers.


Most online viewers do not have the ability nor the time to watch long videos. On average, an animated explainer video lasts not more than three minutes. To ensure the viewers are kept entertained, the video should have something new at regular intervals. A one to two minutes video is the most ideal for an online audience. The first impression the video makes determines if the viewer will skip on to the next or not. Most folks also tend to ignore long videos because neither you nor I prefer to watch them.

• Poor script

An extraordinary script is the most important part of making a killer video. In case you are not imaginative enough to come up with an enthralling script, it would be wise to seek assistance from experts. Although as much as you would believe in yourself to make a cool script, seeking advice from experts would not break any bone. A decent script is involving with, fascinating and is appropriately straightforward so that your potential audience understands what message you are trying to put across.

• Inadequate planning

Planning makes the difference between a fascinating video and just another video. Proper arrangement of all elements is a critical part of the success of the video. Most people fail to plan well thus producing an assembled-like video. The location of the video on the website and the primary focus is all you need to consider. Some video creators may lose track of what is expected of them by not considering every variable. To deliver excellent results, brainstorm and consider every variable before you start to craft any video.

• Overlooking a suggestion

Having a complete team of artists does not guarantee a killer video. For the video to be involving, you need all your artist to work together and consider any suggestion. A killer video needs to forcefully convince the targeted viewers to convert to the brand being advertised. When your immediate onlookers raise suggestions about your video, take appropriate action before releasing it to the public.

• Off-tone videos

A bad tone can be a lethal blunder worse than being off-brand. What matters most is not what you say but how you say it. The tone of your explainer matters most since it is the channel through which your message is communicated. Audio should fit together with the video to produce a unique animation. There are parts that you should look at solely and after that consider how they integrate with each other.

As discussed above, the most vital components of explainer videos are not the video itself, but it is the script and planning that is put into it. If you need a fascinating animated explainer video, try as much as possible to avoid the common mistakes discussed above. In the case that you are not willing to invest enough for a killer video, you do not need to waste your money on average videos. One of the main properties of explainer videos is that it should be exciting and at the same time an exciting tool for expanding your business. From SEO to conversion rates, explainer videos are exceptional since they engage with the customers, grow your brand and keep them coming back for more.